ideas for new songs from fans

Jay Brady sends these:

Shutup, Bitch
I Saw Your Toilet Overflow
Smells Like Yo Momma
Honey, I Love Pie
Hotter 'n' Hell
Mosquito Lover
Manhole Pores
Jungle Juice Jamboree
Sweet Monasis
I Got Jungle Foots
Who Stole My Sisters Eyes?
Holy Free Holy
Got a Dollar?
Ding Dang Blues
I'll Love You Longer'n a Traffic Light
Come Back Then Go Away Again
I Love an Ugly Woman
Creole Quarters and Dimes
Get the F off my porch
Whys You So Stupid?
The Godess of Mildew
I Knowed You When...
Watercress Samiches
Who Put the Bell in Town?
My Ears (eyes, nose, throat) Ain't What They Used To Be
Buy Me a Beer
She Came Floatin' By (With a Tubing Sunburn)
Pretty Like Me
I Wish She Weren't So Smart
Behind on Love
Nasty Miss Summer
Fly like a Fish
Truck Flap Art Lover
Deep Wellington
Sloppy Joe Preacher
The Mystery of the Gospel Hammer
My Bible Ain't Black
I Hope Hell Rotts in You
Whys a Woman Gotta Be Like That?
When I was Dumber, I Liked You More
The Pretty Lady Who Grows Zuchinni
Jesus Gardener
The Cloud of You
You Never Done Me Like That Before But I Like It
And If I Ever Say..


Bingo Boy sends these:

I Met Her At the Bingo
I Do Have A Six Pack Like Brett
Top Answer Is
Like Rain On The Bar B Q Is
The Little Cartoon Boy On My Pickup Back Glass Wont' Pee
When I Heard Your Mama Use a Swear Word Last Night
If Your Man Watches Dr. Phil
I Like Any Position
You Want Flies With That, You Piece of xxx
You Spilled Beer On My Bible
He Wasn't My Uncle But I Did Him Anyways
That's Not Lemonade
If I Were A Tattoo Artist and You Were 18
Mister, If You Buy Me A Carton Of Cigarettes
That's Not My Nose Hair
It's Never Too Late For Revenge
It Really Doesn't Taste Bad
I Am At The End Of My Downfall
That Is Not Chocolate!
My Neighbor's Luck Is About To End
If You Could Do That - I Would Marry You
The Invention Of Beer
A Pillow Case Works Fine
I Saw You Watering My Momma's Fern
If I Thought Like You
The Brilliant Bass
Behind The Dollar General

"Slow" Jinx Talley sent these:

Catfish Wedding
Who Stole My Cheese Stick?
In The Room Next To The Ice Machine
Eat Your Donut - Its Getting Stale
Getting Dizzy Under The Overpass
I Was Just Looking For My Shoe
What Happened To Uncle Mary
In The Neighbor’s Attic
World’s Largest French Fry
The Miracle Of Beans
I Went To Ohio Once
Life After Walmart
Love Handle Honey
When I Cut It Off
Parking Lot Divorcee
My Boss’s Chair Got Duck Tape On It
High School Hall Cologne
Who Spilled Stuff In My Room
My Neighbor Don’t Have No Cable TV
One Million Dollars Won’t Do
The Image On Top The Ice Chest
Put Syrup On It
Shed Club For Men
Talk To Me After Church
The Creep In Me
I Was Just Doing My Job Honey
The Shower At The Truck Stop
Water Tower Hookup
WD40 Man
Well It’s Now A Day Spa
Why Do You Need To Tell The Truth?
You Scared Me With That New Watch
I Know Some People Shaved It!
Car Wash Cafe

Henri Pulldue sent these:

Peanut Butter Brittle Breath
Bedroom Mustard
Ain't Gonna Happen
The Size Of Your Thighs
What That DNA Test Can't Prove
My Walmart Blue Vest Gots A Rip
Like Macaroni And Cheese
What's Not To Like
My Train Left The Station When Your Ship Came In
The Thing Thing In Your Shower
Money Won't Cut It
Discount Pharmacy Wedding Gift
Last Call At The Bottom Feeder Cafe
Walmart People
My Diseased Love
Accept It
Like A Dashboard Hula Girl In A Hurricane
Bring It On

Bjorn Harlson sent these:

Speedo Tuxedo
Phantom Turtles
Girthy Groom
Doomsday Gluestick
Quit Chewin' On My Earlobe
Crange Lady
Elephant Stir-Fry
Queasy Clamguns
Growling Room-Mate
Cut Off The Mold
Everlasting Puddle
A Burning Basket Of Love
Eek A Mouse
Beat Up Toasters
Battery Acid's Dripping On Your Shirt
Stolen Muffin Ballad #46
There's A Troll Under Your Pillow
Step On The Sandwich
You Know I Sabatoged Your Hot-Glue Gun
Nail-Biting Muskrat
I Met Her Hamster First
Doodles In The Hymnal
Jamba Juicy
Werewolves Scare Away Trespassers
Spraypainted Flamingo
Basketball Grease

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