Bobby Lounge reviews in brief

...he turned into Bessie Smith, Jerry Lee Lewis, Flannery O'Conner and Bob Dylan (the lyrical-surrealist edition) all at once, playing blazing barrelhouse piano and belting outrageously vivid blues from the far fringes of Southern life. Rolling Stone 

...lethally sardonic songs with a percussive blues-and-barrelhouse piano The New York Times

...Even with its staggering diversity of artists, Jazz Fest seldom serves up anyone as eccentric as Bobby Lounge USA Today

...oddities, weirdball hopes and dreams DownBeat Magazine


...the region's musical cognoscenti were astir. A star was born Washington Post

...composing bizarre lyrics and embellishing them with a quite impressive two-fisted piano accompaniment Living Blues Magazine

....His music, so unique and free from modern influence, is best experienced by the open mind or at least a mind half-clouded with drink. New Orleans Times Picayune

...a regional treasure and a singular lyricist who rarely performs outside Mississppi Philadelphia Inquirer


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