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Fans have sent in some ideas for new songs - CLICK HERE

FAN MAIL send your email to or mail to Bobby Lounge c/o John Preble, UCM Museum, 22275 Hwy 36, Abita Springs, LA 70420

~~~~~ I received the two CDs on Saturday. I have listened to the first CD and enjoyed it throughly. I now plan on playing the last cut at the end of all of my lab meetings. Thanks again for following through on the order. I understand that you do not perform on a regularly scheduled basis. Do you have plans for a performance in the near future? - Dave H.

~~~~~ Here's a picture of the crowd at Bobby Lounge's performance at JazzFest. I'm sending it just so you'll have a document of the size of the crowd in case you want to try to get him placed on a larger stage next year. I gotta say that, in all my years of attending JazzFest, that's the largest crowd I've ever seen at that stage. It was a great day to be Bobby Lounge. I really like the new CD. It's been getting good airplay on WWOZ. - Jean P.

~~~~~ Dear Sir, I recently read an article online about the New Orleans Jazzfest and Bobby Lounges appearance there. Never having heard of him I located his website and listened to his music and read learned as much about him as I could. I immediately ordered both CD's from that site which is something I never do. I very rarely write emails but I'm compelled to convey my appreciation for such a talent. Born and raised in St. Tammany parish and being familiar with that area makes me feel a special link to the music and attittudes of south Louisiana. Currently I live in Gulfport, Ms. and that further strengthens the link because Bobby is a south Mississippian. The website says that you will pass along all correspondence to Mr. Lounge. I wont take up much more of your time as I only intended to send my appreciation and admiration to a truely talented and inventive preformer. I hope Bobby Lounge will attract the attention of many and will continue to share his talents. My sincere wishes for much success and happiness, -Russell B

~~~~~ Once again, lightning fast service!! Great CD!

~~~~~ WOW!! What a GREAT album! Wonderful music. Smooth transaction. Fast ship.Thanks.

~~~~~ I didn’t know he was in a relationship, much less with a forest animal! - Edmund D.

~~~~~ Thank you so much for the "Ten Foot Woman" who was laying on our doormat when we returned from our tour of the South. We were thrilled to meet the elusive Bobby Lounge at his Tipitina's debut. Hope to review CD for July issue of Blues In Britain.
regards, - Norma V. (London)

~~~~~ Does Bobby Lounge do his own cover art for the CDs? And is any of it available for sale? How about any of the trailerscape paintings he mentioned on PBS? -Michael W

~~~~~ Our listeners are still loving the new stuff! - Mark H

~~~~~ I'll roll up some smoke, pour some cocktails, and enjoy the new CD fully. Is there any chance Bobby Lounge might ever be convinced to travel north of the border to perform? I'm an immigration attorney here, and I would be happy to handle the legals to get him permission for himself and any crew he may have/need. Please keep my offer in mind. I'm sure The Sulver Dollar Room in Toronto, and some other blues bars in Eastern Canada would love to have the musical offerings of Mr. Lounge. Take care, and thanks! - RJ M

~~~~~ Could you please let me know when and where Bobby Lounge will be performing for the remainder of 2006? I would really like to catch one of his performances.
Thanks so much! - Susan C

~~~~~ After hearing the radio piece on NPR I had to hear more of you. I bought the CD and can now say, with head held high, that I am the proud owner of your "I remember the night your trailer burned down". I am amazed by your talent. And amused too.
My ears are smiling.
My brain does grin.
My mouth is merry.
Thank you so much for being Bobby Lounge.
Please write and record more. Any chance of performing in Los Angeles?
Sincerely, - Steve F.

~~~~~ I was afraid the first release was maybe a fluke ... but the sample track "Do Your Duty" dispelled that misconception. There's an honesty to his singing and playing that I've not heard in any living person since Ray Charles or The Killer aka JLL. This cat has the chops to become a LEGEND in his own time. I rightly expect that he is ALREADY a legend in Louisiana, with a solid cult following here in Central Florida too. This is just too good to be true ... TWO Bobby Lounge Cd's in the span of a year!!! Many Thanks for the sample and I can't wait to get a copy of the new release too! - Des

~~~~~ I happened to read the Rolling Stone review by David Fricke and gambled on the Bobby Lounge CD - I ordered it direct from his site. It is the best F*cking Record I've picked up in years! The last time I was THIS impressed, was when I bought "Layla" by Derek and the Dominos and
I had an idea going in that it would be a fantastic effort. Any chance I can get something autographed? I have been playing this cd for everyone I know and everyone is as impressed as I am. Tell Ol' Bobby to put out a LIVE album next!! I am just stunned that a talent of this magnitude could be stashed down here in the south for so long unnoticed
... You really should get some more merchandise together ... bumper stickers with your web sire ... autographed cds fopr an extra 10 bucks ... T-shirts with the album art ... If you manufacture it - they will sell. This cat already has an awesome cult following ... On a scale of 1 to 10 ... I give the first cd an 11 ... Dear G_d ... I coulda stumbled through life and never discovered this disc and that would have been a crying shame. This would make my list of 20 CDs to be stranded on an island with ... It's just un-f*cking-believable! - Des

~~~~~ "This guy is what Bruce Springsteen and his fake ass wishes he could be, this guy's the real deal."

~~~~~ I hate to gush about someone, but there have been only a few piano players that have influenced me as much as Bobby Lounge (and I know that's not his real name. It's amazing that someone who has influenced me so much is nameless to me.) Nat King Cole, Fats Waller, Professor Longhair and Bobby Lounge, believe it or not. And while his piano playing is phenomenal, the songwriting is at times hysterical and at others truly moving. I believe he is a hidden gem and that if he had the will to do it he could become known as one of America's truly gifted songwriters. I enjoy playing his songs and if someone at a party asks me to play a few tunes I often choose one of his as a finale, sometimes to the shock of many.

~~~~~ "Bob Dylan's gonna shit when he hears 'em"

~~~~~ ….we WILL be spreading the word about Bobby Lounge, because he was one of our two favorite acts this year at Jazzfest. I hope he is able to play again live, because his performance was tremendous. We feel very fortunate that we made it to the blues tent a week ago Saturday.

~~~~~ A good friend of ours in New Orleans said your performance was not to be missed. Not knowing what to expect, I took her word since she is very knowledgeable of all kinds of music. What we experienced was truly an adventure and well worth the whole trip to NOLA for Jazzfest. Our favorite artist and all those fans with take me back to Abita Springs T-shirts made it quite an afternoon. We immediately purchased your new CD and have enjoyed on several occasions. Here is a toast to you for a prosperous and healthy year and many to come. Thanks for a good time at Jazzfest

~~~~~ My husband and I saw Bobby Lounge on Saturday at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and were blown away by his performance. We've been driving our neighbors crazy in our otherwise quiet Uptown neighborhood ever since, rocking out to "Take Me Back to Abita Springs" each night and cracking up at the lyrics.

~~~~~ WOW! That was one of the best acts I have ever seen. What a talent. Not only a great jazz and blues pianist but what a sense of humor. So, what I want to know is, is Bobby back in seclusion for another 30 years or was it such a great experience that you guys are taking him on tour.

~~~~~ It's a very unusual hybrid-type disc. "Take Me Back to Abita Springs" is an epic.

~~~~~ ….get him on a talk show like Letterman or Leno, or Saturday Night Live.

~~~~~ My wife and I had the rare privilege of seeing your reclusive client, Mr. Lounge, last Saturday at the Louisiana Jazz & Heritage Festival. We were so moved by the biting social commentary and consciousness raising content of Mr. Lounge’s songs that we had to purchase Mr. Lounge’s one and only CD. This way, we hope we can share the gospel of Bobby with our other, unenlightened friends.

~~~~~ I picked up Bobby's CD from the Virgin tent as I was leaving today...don't know why I didn't think to check there sooner. Now I can relive those songs I heard yesterday!

~~~~~  Anytime you're feeling low
            Full of care, despair, or woe
            Play Bobby real loud
            And he will blow
            All your blues away!

~~~~~ I have gone to every New Orleans Jazz Fest for the past 6 years, Bobby was the biggest show at this year's event for sure. (Not just my opinon but everyone who I talked to who saw the act) Congrats on winning this prize at the biggest music festival in the world. Bobby better be careful about what he wishes for, i.e. "If I Had Been Elvis."

~~~~~ Got the 'trailer' CD. Great!!! Really!!! Please get him back on stage, somewhere, anywhere, and let us know.

Because of space requirements, not all fan mail gets posted - Bobby does enjoy reading your comments - keep them coming - they all get printed out on our printer at the office and are hand delivered to Bobby.


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